To sponsor a student - we do ask for a three year commitment if possible. To sponsor a student CLICK HERE

We are always happy to accept donations, large and small, to help students and their schools, for student activities and for program support. All money donated for sponsorship is used for sponsored students. Other donations may be used for program support, to help students in special cases and to help schools and activities. Unless you indicate otherwise, the donation will be used where most needed.

We can also accept, bonds, stocks etc, in accordance with our GIFT ACCEPTANCE POLICY

SLT Scholars is a registered non for profit, and donations are US federal tax exempt.

Payment by check: make your check out to "SLT Scholars" and send it to:- SLT Scholars, SLT Scholars, 34 Hilltop Lane, St. Paul, MN 55116-2720.

Payment using your online bill payment service. You will need the following information:
Payee SLT Scholars
Address SLT Scholars, 34 Hilltop Lane, St. Paul, MN 55116-2720
Phone 651-699-7834

Or, you can donate using Pay PalPay Pal