Can students only attend certain schools?

Are there any religious, racial or gender restrictions as to which students get help?

How are students selected?

For how many years is a sponsor asked to help a student?

Do all students succeed?

Do you keep track of student progress?

Is there communication between sponsors and students?

How about program overhead costs?

Pavarotti school

They can go to the approved school of their choice, in the San Lucas area. (Schools with a long record of poor performance are not approved: we want the best for the students)

San Lucas catholic church

None !

Panimaquip grade school

All sixth grade classes in the area are visited in June, after the second semester. Students with good grades are interviewed.
If their economic situation is difficult, they are offered scholarships or put on the waiting lists.
In cases of doubt, people in their communities are consulted.
Students can also ask later in the year for a scholarship

From junior high to graduation

We ask sponsors, where possible, to sponsor a student for the three years of junior high. Some students go on to high school, and sometimes their sponsors wish to continue to help them in the three years of high school - that decision is entirely up to their sponsors.


Unfortunately no. By their nature, students from poor families live a precarious life. There are natural disasters and family fracasos. Each year, sadly, a small number drop out. Many others get on their school honor lists, or have graduated and got good jobs

Pavarotti school

Yes, schools give me copies of the students' marks each semester. The schools are regularly visited, some several times a week, and teachers will often tell me if they have concerns about particular students.

Putting stamps on letters

Students normally write to their sponsors three times a year, more if there are special reasons for so doing. Sponsors are free to email their students via:-
(Put to (student name) as subject)


The salary of our full time helper Rita is donated.
Dennis and the US committee give their time, so there are no other staff costs.
All of the money sponsors send goes to pay student tuition and related student expenses (uniform, activities and paperwork charges, school supplies etc.) Donations help us with other costs.