Junior High Schools: CIT (Colegio Integral Toliman)

The "Colegio Integral Toliman" was founded to provide a cheaper alternative to the exisitng schools, but is no longer cheap.

The late Fr Greg Schaffer (Parish Priest for 48 years) let teachers run the school using his school premises without charge in the afternoons, but it has no other connection to the Catholic Mission.

  • About 110 students attend the school
  • The school has a computer lab and a nice patio
  • The school uses the premises of the Catholic grade school
  • Classes start at 1:30 pm, through to 6:00 pm

The school


In class

Girls soccer

Group work

Compu lab

Independence Day fun

School Band

Group work


Hard at work

Mother's Day

Ninth grade

Crochet work

Ninth grade class

Learning to Dance

School band