Briton Dennis Evans, founder of San Lucas Toliman Scholars, is an educator and a former La Salle brother who has lived for twenty five years in Guatemala. He is an educator who has taught in various schools in Central America. He came to San Lucas Toliman in 1999, and works as a volunteer.

He receives no salary, living off a small income from the UK: His motivation,"When I see students from needy families on the honor lists doing well in school and getting good jobs, that's what makes it all worth while".

Rita Chajil, administrator of the program, is a local teacher, and has taught Kaqchikel (the local Mayan language), Home Ec. and computing. She is a former deputy director of the Pavarotti school run by the Rigoberta Menchu foundation. She is married with four children. Her salary is paid for by benefactors.

Whilst Dennis looks after donations and communications with sponsors, Rita is in charge of student/sponsor correspondence and vouchers for school supplies, tailors and the like.

Both are involved in frequent visits to local schools and interaction with the sponsored students.

There are now over eight hundred students sponsored through the program, which was registered as a non for profit in 2004, and received 501 c 3 status in 2006