High Schools: ENCAR

The Encar high school is the largest high school in San Lucas. It uses the same premises as the IMED school in the morning.

Students graduate as "Perito Contador" - book-keepers. The school has a good reputation, and many former students work in banks, stores and businesses

Graduation costs are an extra $140 in the students' final year.

  • About 360 students attend the school
  • The school has a computer lab, library and basketball court
  • Classes start at 1:30 pm through to 6:00 pm
  • The school is known for graduating students well prepared to work in offices, small business, banks, etc.

The school


Eleventh grade classroom

Girls soccer

Annual Marimba Festival

Compu lab

School band

School Band

Independence Day Parade


Hard at work

Mother's Day

Inter school cultural event

Crochet work

Meeting with their sponsor

Learning to Dance

Band in the town fair