Junior High Schools: INEB

This school is subsidised by the government, though parents still have to make a contribution.

It started about six years ago, and now a good standard of education. They also avoid charging students for too many "extras".

Because it is cheaper, we are able to help students we sponsor with needed items such as trainers, school shoes, school supplies, USB memories, dictionaries, etc.

  • About 210 students attend the school
  • The school has a computer lab and a small patio.
  • Classes start at 1:00 pm through to 6:00 pm
  • They avoid student commitments in the mornings, so students are able to work in the mornings.

The school

School patio

School patio


Class scene

Craft class

Craft class


Reforestation day


Soccer team

Recess snack

Preparing recess snacks


School Band

Home Ec.

Home ec. class


In class

Rear Patio

Rear patio area


School band