High Schools: INED (Tourism)

The INED school teaches a two year course in tourism and hotel management. The greatest expense for the students is the cost of the field trips. These last two or three days, and give students first hand experience to talk about, e.g. Antigua or Coban.

The school uses part of the premises of the Catholic Mission school, in the afternoons.

Graduation costs are an extra $170.

  • About 100 students attend the school
  • Classes start at 1:30 pm through to 6:00 pm
  • Students learn hotel work
  • Students jouney all over Guatemala, to visit tourist sites

The school


Class scene

Girls soccer

Recalling traditions

Compu lab

In typical dress

School Band

Preparing for excursion


Independence Day parade

Mother's Day

Meal preparation + service

Crochet work

Recalling traditions

Learning to Dance