Junior High Schools: Pachojilaj

The school in Pachojilaj  [pach oh hil a]  was completely rebuilt in 2007, with money from Spain.

The work was done under-budget, and teachers and members of the local community administered the funds.

In 2009 a junior high school was started on the same premises in the afternoons.

Their school band is considered the best in San Lucas, and they often go to play in other towns.

  • About 200 students attend the junior high school
  • The school has a computer lab and patio areas
  • The playground area is on the roof
  • Classes start at 1:30 pm through to 6:15 pm

The school


Group work

Girls soccer

Cookery class!

Compu lab

More cooking

School Band

School band



Mother's Day

Jugglers + stilt walkers (Fiesta)

Crochet work

Roof play area

Learning to Dance

Hard at work