Success Story - Elba
2015 - first semester: over 60% of honor students in the largest school in town were sponsored students.

Student photo

Elba came top of her class in high school, and was also elected Mayan Princess of San Lucas, representing San lucas in fiestas throughout Guatemala. Currently she works as a cashier for a local bank, and is in her final year of study to be an attorny. She started the course with ninety two others. She is one of only five who will graduate.

Elba says:
"I was able to realize one of my dreams, which was to become a book-keeper. For economic reasons I was unable to study. However through the SLT Scholars scholarship program, I was able to pursue my dream. It is very important for the Mayan people to get an education. We have been discriminated and overlooked, and now I have my high school diploma, this program has opened many doors to me as a Mayan woman."